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    About Us

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    Quality control system
    • Quality is the life of an enterprise, the soul of enterprise development and the core of competition.
      Kaibang pays attention to quality and try her best to improve the quality of every product to make sure our customers get the best product without any defection.
    • Quality control in production and marketing process
      Kaibang proceeds precise testing project in production processes. Establishes efficient quality control and quality feedback system to better and quicker analyze after sales problem for the purpose of improving the after sales quality.
    • Quality precautionary management system
      Meanwhile, Kaibang built up a complete testing system to monitor every process of products, from the very beginning of design, process evaluation, customer confirmation, final design output, training, operation, materials control, working process, machine maintaining to product quality feedback. Kaibang has even developed testing tools to improve the testing accuracy and efficiency.
    • Quality certification
      Kaibang has set up an advanced and professional inspection center in the aim of quality first, and obtained a CNAS certification, became a national lab managed and operated comply with CNAS 17025standards. The Certification Testing Center has passed the US UL-CTDP qualification and became the first company in China motor manufacturing industry to obtain the approval of UL-CTDP. Kaibang Motor has successfully passed the AAAA Levels Standardized Performance Enterprise and 3C certification with superior product quality. In addition, it has obtained ISO/TS16949 quality certification based on the management of the three-in-one system.
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