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    About Us

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    R&D strength
    Since 2008, Kaibang has cooperated with many universities for research purpose.

    Both sides have been communicating in many aspects including automation equipments, new motor and regular motor optimization.

    Beside, both sides spare no effort to support national engineering projects and technology projects.
    • Automatic production and equipments

    • New motor development

    • Conventional motor optimization

    At present, Kaibang Motor has more than 100 full-time researchers, introduced Gree advanced process design method in the R&D design process. The process design determines and demonstrates the technical development and transformation plan through "five-party proposal, three-layer demonstration and four-way review", and adds "two confirmation" to implement the advanced and practical technology to meet customer needs.
    Kaibang carries out measurement monitoring through measurable indicators (such as timely intelligence rate, project completion rate, development project completion rate, universalization rate, and even customer satisfaction, compliance review of enterprise system, etc.) to ensure that the requirements are consistent with the actual operation in the R&D design process. Meanwhile, it adopts the international advanced PDM and other software system platform to design a customer satisfaction boutique. So far, it has applied for 230 national patents and has been certified by 163 national patents.
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