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    About Us

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    Zhuhai Kaibang Motor Manufacture Co., Ltd Profile
    Zhuhai Kaibang Motor Manufacture Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to Kaibang Motor) was founded in 2003, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of GREE Electric Appliances Inc of Zhuhai, Kaibang Motor mainly engaged in design, manufacture, sales and service of motor. Products are applicable for air conditioner, air purifier, elevator doors, fans, washing machines, range hood, servo system, stabilized pressure pump, automotive air conditioner, wipers and so on.

    Talents strategy

    As a professional motor manufacturing enterprise, Kaibang Motor devotes to providing leading technology and excellent products for global consumers. Now, Kaibang Motor has four production bases located in Zhuhai, Hefei, Chongqing, and Henan. There are more than 6000 employees, including a large number of excellent developing and managing talents. The output of 80 million pcs with RMB 4 billion value, making Kaibang Motor edged into the forefront of the same industry in China.

    Now, Kaibang Motor has four production bases located in Zhuhai, Hefei, Chongqing, and Henan.

    Large variety of high-tech products

    The products cover 14 types, 24 series and more than 1000 varieties products. A number of motor designs have obtained level of the industry patents and the R&D ability of the brushless DC motor has reached the international advanced leading level.

    Kaibang: "A company without innovation is a company without soul".

    Looking forward: Under the leadership of Gree, Kaibang will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "Sincere, Pragmatic, Innovative, Dream", insist on independent technical innovation, and continuously improve design and development ability. In addition, it also make superior products with full participation to promote automatic production, strive to be the best in China motor industry and contribute to the aim of "Made in China, Loved by the world"!
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