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  • Hotline: 86-756-5790630
    Quality Assurance
    All of Kaibang products are satisfied with RoHS and passed US UL-CTDP Certification. She was the first company that passed UL-CTDP certification in China motor industry.
    Product Center
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    Presents One-stop Solution
    • Landa compressor
      Affiliated compressor manufacturer of GREE with the 2nd market shares in the world.
    • Kaibang Motor
      Micro motor manufacturer, service includes vehicle motor, air conditioner and other residential appliances.
    • Xinyuan Electronics
      Special electronic components manufacturing enterprises, mainly including aluminum electrolytic capacitors, metalized film capacitors, intelligent power modules, etc.
    • GREE Electric
      A modern enterprise that specialize in special enameled wire production and sales.
    • GREE Intelligent Equipment
      Independent R&D injection robot and industrial robot to move forward to intelligent production
    • GREE Precision Mold
      Affiliated mold manufacturer of GREE, mainly engage in developing & producing precision mold and final products.
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